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Big Sale On Namco Bandai In The App Store!


Who says you have to wait until Black Friday for a good holiday sale? Starting today, Namco Bandai has put 20 different classic iOS apps in the App Store on sale including Galaga, Pac-Man and even Katamari Damacy! These sale prices are anywhere from 54% to 80% off the regular price, but the sale only lasts until Monday, November 19, so don't wait!

Galaga Remix $2.99 now $.99
Ace Combat XI Skies of Incursion $4.99 now $.99
Time Crisis Strike $2.99 now $.99
Ridge Racer Accelerated $6.99 now $1.99
Pac-Man Championship Edition $4.99 now $.99
Dig Dug Remix $2.99 now $.99
Pac-Man Remix $2.99 now $.99
Time Crisis 2nd Strike $6.99 now $1.99
Pac-Chomp! $1.99 now $.99
Splatterhouse $2.99 now $.99
Pac-Mania $2.99 now $.99
Pac'N-Jump $1.99 now $.99
Rally-X Rumble $1.99 now $.99
Letter Labyrinth $2.99 now $.99
Battle City Blitz $2.99 now $.99
Pac-Man Games $2.99 now $.99
SoulCalibur $14.99 now $6.99
Katamari Damacy Mobile $6.99 now $1.99
Katamari Damacy Mobile 2 (Full Package) $15.99 now $8.99

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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