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From The YouTubes: The State Of Human Augmentation

While checking out a Deus Ex-themed video on YouTube (because I'm not a raging fanboy or anything), the little eye of yours truly spied something positively enticing: a video puporting to showcase "real-life augmentations." While the video is rather old - I can already hear cries of "you lazy b*stard" ringing in my ears - it's something that very well might have escaped many of our readers. Thus, your humble and obedient servant has seen fit submit it for your approval.

Highlighting developments that have already been made - advances in artificial limbs, sight-restoration, and the like - the video interviews those that have benefited from such devices, and takes a look to where cybernetics (and by extension, human augmentation) is headed, as well as giving brief nods to the crux of Human Revolution: most notably, the inevitable controversy about the morality of transhumanism.

Created by Gamespot, the video is roughly twelve minutes long, and interesting for the entirety of its length. While the ultimate fate of the human form might be a great question mark in the minds of futurists, one is left to dream of the possibilities. The abolition of disease. A tearing asunder of the limits imposed by our paltry, organic components. A mind faster than the greatest supercomputer, and a body capable of physical feats beyond even the strongest of men - at least until FEMA finally finishes the construction of their death camps, after which my redneck uncle Bruce a reliable source assures me that democratic governance will be abolished, Earth fall into the hands of a satanic, one-world government, and naturally, a cabal of Jewish homosexuals will enslave the free world for a thousand years.

So enjoy the video, and may the Triune God have mercy on all our souls.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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