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Happy Thanksgaming!


Well, it's that time of the year when we take a couple days away from the site to enjoy some family togetherness, a whole lot of food, and hopefully some quality gaming time. Yes, it's Thanksgiving. SuperSwede and I share our own plans for the holiday after the jump, and even Canadian heathen Hal gets in on the act. Then, after you read ours, let us know what you're going to do with your long weekend! (Unless it's something totally awesome, in which case keep it to yourself or we'll get really jealous and angry...)


There's only one word that comes to mind when we ponder this giving of thanks: That word, naturally, is "America." In the spirit of being a first-rate patriot - donning my red, white & blue briefs and humming the Star Spangled for the duration of November, as we America-lovers are wont to do - yours truly thought it only fitting to enjoy the most American video game genre imaginable: the modern military shooter.

All right, in the interest of full disclosure, the politics of yours truly lies somewhere between "very liberal" and "y'all got nothin' on my class struggle." As such, what a sharper mind once described as "right-wing gun-wank" doesn't exactly ensnare one, such as myself, in a web of political seduction. Thus, your humble and obedient servant is playing Spec Ops: The Line - again. Inspired by the book Heart of Darkness, which also inspired the film Apocalypse Now, the game has quickly become on of my favorites in recent memory. The atmosphere of a storm-ravaged Dubai (a city of such grand opulence as to be the Ayn Rand equivalent of Disneyland) serves as a haunting setting, complimented by impressive voicework by all involved. While Spec Ops takes notes from its source material, the game's story is very much its own: a slow, haunting descent into psychological horror that more than warrants a playthrough. It goes without saying that I won't spoil the ending, but let's just say that it (at least the one I got) is extremely satisfying, ties up the game quite well, and makes me hope to god that there will never be a sequel.

Seriously, go buy Spec Ops: a modern military shooter for people who hate modern military shooters.


Many years ago, I recall bringing home my newly-purchased Wii for my whole family to enjoy at Thanksgiving, since that was supposed to be the whole point of the console — it was accessible to everyone. And while the clan did seem to enjoy the few rounds of tennis and bowling they tried, it turns out that they're simply more interested in watching sports on TV. Virtual sports didn't interest them at all. On the plus side, I remember being able to squeeze in some Zelda here and there on my own.

Which is why I will not be bringing home my Wii U at Thanksgiving (also because the thing is really heavy and the GamePad probably wouldn't travel as well as a Wiimote). It's sad, because again, Nintendo released a brand new console right at the time when I'm too busy to really play it, and then traveling out of town away from my games. It's like they do it on purpose.

This is why I will basically be going portable for a couple days. My 3DS will be my escape. And with all the games I have on the SD card now, I don't even have to worry about bringing extra game carts with me! So convenient! I will basically be checking in on my Style Savvy boutique, attempting to solve some of those really mind-bending puzzles with Professor Layton, and collecting stickers with Mario. And if I need some variety, I've always got some picross and pinball amongst other diversions.

Luckily, I will not be away for the entire weekend, and as soon as I'm back home, I'm going to dive back into the adorably LEGO-ized Middle Earth and play in Nintendo Land some more. And if I can find the time, maybe even try surviving a zombie-plagued London. Oh, and there were a couple songs in the last Rock Band Music Store update I wanted to grab... wait, can we get a few more days off?


We Canadians don't get a long weekend this time of year. Why? Since most of our country looks something like Skyrim, only with more inuksuit and fewer dragons, the harvest season culminates in October instead of November. Our Thanksgiving is a month past now.

So what shall I be playing this weekend? Between rocking out to some face-melting guitar solos and perhaps joining some friends in riding our pegacorns into battle, I'll be fiddling around with my shiny new Wii U. I had wanted to have impressions up already, but between having a job that I love and a husband with a great sense of humour and an Olympian's body, I've been a bit distracted.

So while my American brethren are busy gorging themselves on deep-fried turducken (no really, it's for real - Google it), I'll be playing NintendoLand, New Super Mario Bros. U and trying my darndest to keep up the new content for you guys to read over the weekend. If it doesn't happen, blame Nintendo. Or probably my husband.

Happy Thanksgiving, America.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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