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Harmonix Ushers In Some Dance Central DLC


Now that Dance Central 3 is out and everyone has already played the songs that come on the disc a bajillion times, it's time for Harmonix to get back into their regularly scheduled DLC release pattern.

To start with, today sees the release of two tracks from Usher's newest album, "Twisted" and "Euphoria," both choreographed by his actual choreographer, Aakomon "AJ" Jones. Then, next week, on November 27, you'll be able to buy "Gangnam Style" by PSY, complete with the dance moves from the viral video.

I'm not a big Usher fan, so I'm not even considering those, but I'm on the fence with "Gangnam Style." The damn thing has kind of worn out its welcome, but not so much that I hate it completely yet. Not like having to do the Macarena in DC3. But I don't want to spend the Microsoft Points and then later on never play "Gangnam Style" again because it irritates me to the core. Then again, it might be stupid fun, especially since the choreography will be recognizable. We'll see how I feel next week when it's on offer.

Oh, and as always, Dance Central DLC is 240 MP each, although you can get the two Usher tracks as the "Usher Pack 01" for 400 MP and save a little bit.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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