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Review: Sparkle Snapshots 3D


Sparkle Snapshots 3D might actually be the gayest thing on the Nintendo 3DS... and that's coming from someone who can't stop playing Style Savvy: Trendsetters! It's not a game, but a photo-editing app that you can download from the eShop that lets you turn your photos into sparkle-infested, rainbow-covered extravaganzas.

You can opt to use one of the photos in your 3DS photo album, or else use Sparkle Snapshots 3D to take a fresh one from within the app. It offers you a few different options for lenses and lighting, but being that the 3DS camera isn't the greatest to begin with, they all kind of look awful. In particular, the soft focus one looks like you're shooting through a Linda Evans-level gauze and Vaseline filter.

Once you've selected a photo, you can choose from any combination of the various backgrounds and frames on offer, then tart it up with all kinds of hearts, sparkles, and the like. There's also 3D props you can paste in, and pens you can use to write whatever you like in a maddening variety of colors and styles. You can also twist and manipulate the photo with some warping tools provided, if you don't think it looks quite crazy enough. Helpfully, you can save your work in progress in case you really screw it up and need to go back farther than the "undo" feature will let you.


There are really only a few real problems. First, importing your 3D photo into Sparkle Snapshots 3D actually turns it 2D. It's understandable, because you need to be able to work within the levels of the background, your photo and the frame, but if someone was sticking their hands into the camera, the 3D effect of that is lost. Also, you have to carefully erase the picture around your subject in order to get the background to show through. I guess it was too much to ask that the app recognize the subject you're shooting and superimpose it onto a background directly. The interface can get a little cluttered, and the sheer amount of pink on display might be a little off-putting to some. At least you can turn off that chipper female voice that keeps yammering on!

Honestly, a review of Sparkle Snapshots 3D isn't going to be particularly helpful, aside from describing exactly what the app does. I did find it surprisingly deep, with the amount of tools available to edit your photo. Additional backgrounds, frames and whatnot are all available as DLC, but there's quite a lot to start with. It's actually kind of fun to play with your photos, but obviously this won't be to everyone's tastes. (But I bet more than a few of you are curious!) It's available in the Nintendo eShop for $5.99.

A code for Sparkle Snapshots 3D was provided by Nintendo for the purposes of this review. Various photos were tweaked and edited, but you're only getting that one! (Although if you'd like to download a 3D version of it viewable on your 3DS, right click here and save the MPO)


Hal said:

Wootini, that picture is ~~a.m.a.z.i.n.g~~


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