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Sandy Couldn't Keep Us Down For Long!


We're back!

You may have noticed that was down for most of this week following the devastating wrath of Hurricane Sandy. There was a massive explosion at a ConEd facility on the East River that plunged lower Manhattan into a serious power outage. Unfortunately for us, that's where our server resides, but fortunately, they restored power today, and thus, we are back in business!

I only ever lost my cable TV and internet for the night on Monday, and it was back when I woke up Tuesday morning. I never lost power in my Brooklyn apartment, despite the lights flickering every now and then during the height of the storm. I believe Dryden had some power issues, and had to relocate, but I'm actually not sure if he's back home at this point. Maybe he'll check in... if he has power to run the internet! None of the other writers live in the area, so I'm pretty sure they're all fine. Physically, at least.

So we'll get right back to getting you all the gaming news with our own fabulous spin, so you won't even remember that we were gone!


AgentPolo083 said:

I'm glad to see the site back up and that you're okay!

Industron said:

Welcome Back! =)

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Industron on Sandy Couldn't Keep Us Down For Long!: Welcome Back! =)...

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