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Tomb Raider For Collectors


Tomb Raider might not be out until March 5, 2013, but Square Enix has already announced the contents of the Collector's Edition, and it's actually kind of awesome. It contains:

  • An 8-inch Play Arts -KAI- action figure of Lara Croft, with three alternate hands and various weapons. It's a really well-done figure, and I'm happy that she's not too beat up-looking.
  • A double-sided 15"x19" map and poster with key landmarks from the island of Yamatai on one side and the box art on the other.
  • An exclusive 5"x7" lithographic print with matte frame designed by Crystal Dynamic's Brian Horton (senior art director) and Brenoch Adams (concept artist).
  • Three iron-on "experience shields" based on the experience icons in the game for "Animal Instincts," the "Climbing Axe" and "Fire Arrow."
  • A CD of 10 tracks featuring over an hour's worth of music from the game's soundtrack.
  • A weapons pack DLC with various bonus weapons to help Lara survive on Yamatai.

All of this — and the game, too! — will be packaged in a "survival tin" and made available in limited quantities for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for $99.99 on the same day as the standard edition (which, as I mentioned before, will be March 3!).

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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