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Video: Chronic Gamer Girl: Super Mario World

You know how I've posted videogame parody videos from comedy troupe Dr. Coolsex in the past on this site? Well, they brought Chronic Gamer Girl to my attention, and it's very much in the same vein, so I'm assuming they've got something to do with this in some way, shape or form. Or they're just friends with her and want to help her promote herself.

Basically, what you've got here is a "stoned" gamer girl named Ilana talking about Super Mario World while she plays it and stuffs her face with munchies. You're either going to find it grating and super irritating, or surprisingly hilarious. She also goes off on some rather random tangents, including supporting gay marriage. No, seriously.

I found it amusing, but we'll see what happens in the next episode... it looks like she'll be playing Legend of Zelda, so that could be fun!


The_French_Guy said:

I'm in love with her... but darn it, she really needs to do her hair! yikes!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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The_French_Guy on Video: Chronic Gamer Girl: Super Mario World: I'm in love with her... but darn it, she really needs to do her hair! yikes!...

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