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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

It was a wonderfully sedate week in Narnia, post-holiday. It's only fair, since we're going to be ramping up for the next holiday pretty soon. I could use some time to relax. Although I seriously can't wait for it to start snowing. Both because it looks really pretty, and because it means I can take a day off watering my flowers. Two, technically!


So get this: I find Axel hanging around outside the Nook'n'Go, so I start up a conversation, and he rambles on about how weird it is that convenience stores have such giant windows so when you're inside, anyone can peek in and see what you're buying. Seriously? Okay, first of all, Nook doesn't sell anything you should feel embarrassed to buy, and second? You were totally just lurking around peeking in the windows of the Nook'n'Go. I totally busted you doing it!


It took a while, but we finally got our new townsperson. I don't have the heart to tell Dotty that yes, in fact, this is how we do things in Narnia. There's no privacy. At all. I guess if she really gets freaked out by it, she'll move away next week!


I always love when my friends dream up new nicknames for me, so I always let them tell me what it is. Although to be honest, "Big bro" isn't really up there with some of the greats. Better luck next time, Axel!


Curly gave me a pop quiz this week that was a barely-disguised test to see how popular he is. He said if I ran into him and Benedict, and Benedict had a shanty wall and he had nothing, who would I choose? Obviously I said him, and he was so delighted he revealed that he actually had a shanty wall himself, and that I could have it now. I didn't care so much about the present, I'm just super stoked to be part of the Curly Club for the Advancement of Extreme Radness. I wonder when the meetings are... hope it doesn't conflict with something good on TV!


Branovices said:

My villagers all call me B-Train. Probably lots of innuendos dealing with "riding" there, but I honestly never thought about it till I was about to post here.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Branovices on Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary: My villagers all call me B-Train. Probably lots of innuendos dealing with "riding" there, but I honestly never thought about...

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