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Impressions: Kinect Party


It's hard to actually review Kinect Party, the new "game" from Double Fine, because it's not technically a game. Sure, there are mini-games aplenty (36 if you download the full unlock), but they're not really games as much as mild distractions. I've tried a handful of them, and my favorite so far is the monster smash one as seen above, where you smash buildings and swat at helicopters, planes and UFOs. Others dress you in pirate costumes and have you digging for treasures while an annoying parrot talks to you or turn you into a dragon so you can destroy the castle you just built. One that was more like a game has you moving your arms to direct lasers to blast objects coming at you Tempest-style.

When Kinect Party starts up, it literally just throws you into the action with no instructions or idea of what the hell is going on. That's not really a problem, since each mini-game consists of you just waving your arms and interacting with whatever the game puts in your way. There is a main menu where you can gesture left and right to have the little men move side to side so you can select a particular game (they're holding appropriate objects to signify what game it is, but if you're not that familiar with them, you're going to have to guess until you are). Thankfully, you can also just say "Hello, television," which brings up a menu where you can just speak commands like "take my picture," "let's go backstage," or "Let me choose" which allows you to just speak the name of the mini-game you want to play.

Kinect Party is kind of ridiculous, and while it's amusing to try a new mini-game, it's certainly not going to hold your attention for very long if you're over the age of 10. However, during it's first two weeks of release, meaning up until December 31, it's completely free. Just download the base game and the full unlock for free, and you've got the whole thing to play with. So while I wouldn't recommend buying this unless you've got kids, since it's free, I say go right ahead and download it just for the fun of it. Because it is kind of stupid fun. It only costs you the time it takes to download it. And since it's not even that big of a file, it doesn't cost you much at all!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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