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Japan Bids Farewell To The PS2


Over the years, I've poked fun at Japan. Partly it's because of the of the destroying of our collective innocence with its twisted brainwrongs; partly it's because of the theory the only nation on Earth that treats its water with the "brown acid," and is generally a 150,000 mi2 factory for the world's night terrors. Yet I kid because I love, and aside from adoring its weird creations, our friends across the pond have given us some mighty fine game systems: among the being the NES, Sega Genesis, and of course, the PlayStation line - the most notable of which, arguably, being the PlayStation 2.

Have rolled in the digital hay for over twelve years, the PS2 and Japan have decided to part ways. Indeed, after selling over 150 million units (according to Joystiq) and being the best-selling console of all time, production has ceased . With its final shipment on the way to retailers, gamers will have to suffice with used version of the popular system.

So alas, we bid adieu to the PS2: its rectangular, black profile standing tall above its peers, like the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. As our dear friend - one which served me with admirable reliability until the optical drive failed after 14 months god f*cking d*mmit - is being put out to pasture, I cradle it in my arms and say, "Leave this world with pride, brother. You gave us MGS3, Silent Hill 2, and Shadow of the Colossus. Now rest, my old comrade; you've earned it."

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Shin Gallon said:

I'm more sad about this than I should be. I haven't bought or played a PS2 game in a few years now (aside from HD remakes on PS3 anyway) but still, that system had a ton of great games, probably second only to the SNES in the "best all time game libraries".

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Shin Gallon on Japan Bids Farewell To The PS2: I'm more sad about this than I should be. I haven't bought or played a PS2 game in a few...

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