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Mike Capps Retires As President Of Epic Games


Having never experienced childbirth, I can only assume it's something like this: a surreal, existential nightmare, which our mothers suffered in exchange for pinchable cheeks, adorable baby sounds, and naturally, the innate danger that said baby might end up setting the house on fire when he or she turns fifteen.

While Epic's Mike Capps waits to behold this harrowing ordeal, there is the question of raising said child. In his case, this entails limiting his role at the company: as per a statement posted to the Epic Games website, Capps will be retiring from his post as president. As he and his wife are expecting their first child, the former president wishes to dedicate his time to being a stay-at-home dad "for a while," as well as the possibility of "teaching, spend more time on creative writing, and maybe get more active with a few charities." Despite retiring from the position, he will remain on the board of directors, with the former president adding, "I'll continue to be available as a resource to Epic, to provide context or advice where I can."

As everyone on the internet has noted, Capps's retirement marks the latest in a string of departures affecting the company. Producer Rod Fergusson joined the BioShock Infinite team back in August, Gears of War gameplay designer Lee Perry left to form iOS developer bitMonster, while People Can Fly (an subsidiary of Epic Games) lost two artists and the creative lead from Gears of War: Judgment.

So good luck to Epic during this moment of transition, and congratulations (and good luck) to Mr. Capps the child front. Being a stay-at-home parent seems like a smashing idea, until you realize that your shrieking doomspawn little bundle of joy uses the same vocalizations for "I'd like some milk, please" and "Oh god, the walls are pouring blood..."

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