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Mourn Nintendo Power


After 24 years, Nintendo Power has come to an end, and StreetPass NYC has decided to hold a memorial for the popular gaming magazine. The organization is inviting all Nintendo fans in the NYC area to their unofficial celebration of Nintendo Power on Tuesday, December 11, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Center.

"Even with the decline of print media we like many Nintendo fans are deeply sadden by the cancellation of the magazine we have all farmed for cheats and sent in crazy artwork too" says Jordan White, Founder and Event Organizer of StreetPass NYC. "We want to honor the magazine's outstanding legacy and thanking the authors and editors month after month of entertainment and free swag through our childhoods."

The gathering will mostly center around the Nintendo Power museum on the second floor of the store, although if enough people show up, it will have to spread out to avoid violating fire codes and interfering with the customers at Nintendo Word. They're suggesting a dress code of either all black and/or Nintendo-related clothing and accessories and that you bring issues of Nintendo Power or any freebies you collected during the run to show off. You can RSVP at the StreetPass NYC Facebook page.

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