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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Hits iOS


You might recall my review of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for the Nintendo 3DS where I gave the music/rhythm game a positive review. Well, now you'll be able to play it even if you don't have a 3DS. Because you probably have an iPhone, iPad or an iPod Touch, right? I mean, you might not, but I figure most people do. And more people than have 3DSes, probably.

Anyway, the iOS version is the same game where you play through the soundtracks to the entire history of Final Fantasy Games in a variety of different modes. But brand new to the iOS version is something called Quest Medly mode which seems to mix up the songs in your collection. It also lets players create their own musical creations in Compose Scores mode, and share them on Twitter.

The lack of 3D won't really hurt the game, and since it's a rhythm game, you'll use the touch screen the same as the one on the 3DS, so the controls won't change. Also, without StreetPass, I don't know how the iOS version will stock the Chaos Shrine.

The real catch is that while Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is free to download, it only comes with 2 musical scores. You then have to go and buy the songs separately for $.99 each. Song bundles of 4 tracks each are available for $2.99. Extra characters are $1.99, but it starts you off with 13, which is pretty good. The 3DS game came with over 70 tracks, so if you wanted to get all those for iOS, it would cost you almost twice the retail price of the 3DS game. But I suspect that most people who would play this on their iDevice would be playing it more casually and not feel the need to buy every single track.

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