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Video: The Opening Minutes Of BioShock Infinite

I'll spare you the requisite "spoilers above" bother, as indeed (as the title indicates), Levine & Co. have released the first few minutes of BioShock infinite. Capturing the inter-continental divide - two British NPCs engaged in spirited banter, while our American protagonist stares at his gun - the above video follows Booker DeWitt as before his ascent to the perpetual celebration of all things "flags and eagles," Columbia.

Last week also brought an interview with Ken Levine, covering gameplay, delays, and the challenge of integrating a more "direct" narrative between characters during gameplay, as well as the themes of Infinite: particularly, a nod to the religious undertones of Columbia's mission. As much as I'd like to say that my position on religion is totally metal - i.e. something along the lines of "Ye who is called by a thousand cursed names, bringer of the Black Delights, speaker of lies innumerable, upon whose tattered wings Man shall usurp the heavens for his own wicked ends: I commend unto thee my immortal soul" - the less impressive fact is that we're simply not on speaking terms. Yet like Mr. Levine (who is not of the flock, strictly speaking), I've always been fascinated by the religious impulse: particularly the power it inspires to inspire, galvanize, and generally hold sway over its adherents. As noted in the interview, Comstock differs from Andrew Ryan in many ways: holding American Exceptionalism and old-timey faith as virtue, whereas Andrew Ryan was a staunch atheist who quite literally quit America out of protest against the restrictions of traditional, collectivist ethics - yet despite said differences, find themselves treading the same path toward absolutism - and ultimately, the tyranny both claim, in their respective ways, to reject.

So enjoy the video, and check out last week's interview with Ken Levine (honorary mayor of Beard City) after the jump!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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