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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Well, the snow was falling in full force this week, so not only did it start looking nice and wintery, I didn't have to worry about watering flowers all the time! Score!

We also got a new resident, and made some necessary changes!


It took a few days, but Pekoe moved in right near me by the beach, next door to Curly. She's cute, and I absolutely love her decor, but I worry she's one of those bitchy ones. Still, they have their own charms! We'll just have to wait and see!


Octavian's got a point. I am wearing a short-sleeved shirt in December, and it's started to snow, so clearly it's cold out. Not that I can really feel it. And I guess being an octopus, neither can he? Because he's not exactly dressed for the weather either!


Yay! The snow finally started sticking! It took a few days, but it finally started to accumulate. Of course, this also means that there are snowballs hidden around town that I can use to roll together into a snowman... but seeing as how the snowmen I make are never freakin' satisfied with their proportions, I tend not to bother. I mean, why make someone who's just going to complain?


So later in the week, I found out that yeah, Pekoe is kind of a bitch.

She was talking about how she always tries to find the good in people, but apparently can't find anything good about Benedict. Poor guy. Not like I'm going to tell him about this, but still... I feel bad for him.

Geeze, I wonder what she says about me behind my back!


Get your mind out of the gutter. I was delivering a present for Benedict. Who is a super cool dude, no matter what Pekoe says. And it wasn't a monster. It was just a blue kotatsu. Unfortunately, when I went back to Benedict to tell him that Dotty was absolutely thrilled with the gift, all I got in return was a table lamp, but still. Benedict is fine. Shut up, Pekoe.


I didn't have anything else in my closet besides my Santa outfit, so I ordered a little something more weather-appropriate from Nook. A little vest and hat action. Now I'm warm and cozy! (I can wear my Santa outfit closer to the date...)

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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