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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Well, as Narnia geared up for the holidays this week, it was all fun and laughter (and a bit of scandal)... until tragedy struck!


To start off the week, I got a warning letter from Jingle reminding me that he'd be around to deliver presents on the 24th. Like I would forget something like that! A day where you get free presents? I'm there.

Of course, with Jingle, it's not just get free stuff... you've got to work for it, which is kind of irritating.


And the Mayor broke out the Christmas lights to string up all over town. Or, I should say, the Mayor had someone break out the Christmas lights to string up all over town. Because that guy is as lazy as the day is long. And it's always this time of year where I kind of wish that I'd planted more evergreens around town so we could have more lights. At least, that's how I think it would work...


After so many snowstorms, I was noticing that there were a lot of holes in the ground to dig up. I never was much for digging up the gyroids that grew whenever it would rain. So if you look past all the beautiful hybrid flowers, my town looks a little janky 'cause of the holes. So I took it upon myself to go and dig up a bunch of them. And lo and behold, I dug up quite a few rare mushrooms! This is what happens when you don't clean up your town during the month of November! These things are worth 16,000 bells apiece! Score!


I also decided to try building a snowman, even though I'm never particularly successful at it. I opted to build a pretty big one (I wonder just how big you can go...), and was stunned when he complimented me on the great job I'd done! Wow! Maybe I should just make all my snowmen huge!


It must be nice to be a snowman and not have anywhere to be on time. Not that a snowman can actually move to go anywhere in the first place, but still...


I found Gloria lurking around behind Nook's one evening, and she decided to reveal her secret to maintaining her posh lifestyle. She claimed it was turnips, but I can't help but wonder if she's using "turnips" as some kind of euphemism for... well, whatever she's doing behind the Nook'N'Go! Scandalous!


Stunned. Flabbergasted. Blown away. Shocked.

Those are just a few of the reactions I had upon reading this letter from Curly. I swear I just talked to him not a day or two before, and he never even mentioned that he was thinking about moving. Why would he keep that a secret? I thought we were pals? Why wouldn't he at least give me a heads-up if not say good-bye in person.

That hurts.


Needless to say, when Simon whined to me about having lost his key, I made a point of fishing my way through a whole bunch of bitterlings before retrieving it for him because I am certainly not going to let him move away like Curly did. I'll do whatever it takes to keep Simon in town.

Okay, maybe not whatever Gloria's up to behind Nook's...


M.B. said:

That snowman looks fab!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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