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Often times, we denizens of the more “d-pads and circle buttons” side of the internet tend to get bogged down: following industry developments, lamenting about this or that, or finding that precious bit of audiovisual loveliness that seems fit for you, our precious, precious readers.  Yet there is one thing lost in the hustle and bustle – rife as it is with news, editorials, and all that “making sure we’re not passing along bullsh*t” bother.  Naturally, said loss is the human interest story. Indeed, feel-good fluff as it may be, we gamerfolk occasionally feel the desire to be whisked away from this vale of e-tears: far from the cares of the world, and the bloodsport that is the human cesspit of forums and comments sections – present company excluded, which I mean in all sincerity – away from the siren song of that half-empty bottle of Ambien, and into a world of warmth, sincerity, and naturally, British octogenarians with an affinity for Disgaea.

Such is the case of Hilda Knott, a charming old dame from across the pond, who has been playing video games for some forty years. Like many of her age group, Knott has a fair deal of free time on her hands, and as a matter of keeping herself mentally active – finding the simple joy of beating a level on her newest gaming trek, or finding a way of solving the latest puzzle – Knott is one of those distinguished few seniors who have taken to the digital realm for amusement.

Now granted, my opinion is so bent that it has actually folded back into itself, but for all the occasional jibes (particularly at the Wii, as well as more “casual” titles) about making “grandma-friendly” games, it’s encouraging to hear the occasional story about gaming transcending generational lines. I’ve always had a soft spot for seniors – children, the elderly and cats making up the official “Gmitro things that make me smile super funstravaganza list” – and it goes without saying that for those in Knott’s age group, keeping mentally active is of paramount importance.

So for those looking for the journalistic equivalent of a carefree jaunt through a field of warm fuzzies, gillyflowers, and dancing elves, check out the video (which sadly could not be embedded) via the BBC!

(Writer) Jesse Gmitro is the self-proclaimed “resident ally/lady-fancier” of — a position he has held since 2011 – and a shameless fanboy of Metal Gear, pre-Homecoming Silent Hill, and Final Fantasy. He plays drums in a local post-rock band called “Between Two Skies,” and is currently working on a black comedy novella, “The Madcap Laughs.” He currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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