Australia’s First R18+ Game Is Coming



(With apologies to our Aussie readers…I meant to have this up last week for you guys, but then our server went kerplunk.)

For decades, Australians have suffered under the burden of a games rating system that made no sense whatsoever. It didn’t really protect kids from violent imagery, and it didn’t really give adults the freedom to play what they want – and that’s kind of what a rating system is supposed to be about, no?

With the dawn of the R18+ rating, however, Aussie gamers are getting a system much closer to its international counterparts (and its own film rating system), meaning there should be much less censorship consternation in bringing games for grown-ups to the land down under, while preventing little kids from eviscerating people in Mortal Kombat or whatever.

What is the first game to get this rating, you might ask?  Why, it’s the Wii U’s redesigned and ultra-violent Ninja Gaiden 3 – which is being published by Nintendo.

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