Baldur’s Gate Now Available On Steam

baulders gate

baulders gate

For all the graphical prowess of modern gaming – those myriad pixels dancing, like so many fairies, around a lake of sheer high-tech bliss – we ancient ones pine for the days of yore: back when men were men, America still had values, and of course, RPGs were primarily shown from an isometric perspective.

Yet like a fever-dream made manifest, Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition found its way into the game-scape late last year. Now the game is available on Steam, for $19.99. Aside from some classic goodness, the Enhanced Edition features new characters, an additional adventure called “The Black Pits,” and various enhancements such as new player voices and cross-platform multiplayer support. As per metacritic, the game has fared well with critics, though somewhat less so with users, earning a 79/100 and 6.6/10 respectively. So for those seeking the embrace of Dame Nostalgia (post digital nip/tuck), and for those who might have never played the original Baldur’s Gate, check out the Steam page for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition!

On a more personal note, while it seems rather odd to say (since we’ve been gone for but a scant few days), it’s good to be back. While yours truly your average writer is a swirling cloud of sarcasm and spite – all enveloping a heart as black as the ice of a Minnesota winter – we are sentimental creatures. Indeed, as I checked the GayGamer Facebook page to read those dreadful words “Thank you to everyone who made GayGamer what it was,” said heart was filled with what my fellow humans call “sadness.”

So a deep and heartfelt thanks, not simply to everyone who helped to bring the site back to working order – an extra crispy bucket of “shout out” to Mikey, who worked tirelessly to implement our most fiendish of schemes – but to all of you who have stood by us throughout the years. It’s an ongoing privilege to write for all you guys and gals, and personally, i’m looking most forward to delivering content – by which I mean news interspersed with several dollops of snark and madcap frolic – going forward.


(Writer) Jesse Gmitro is the self-proclaimed “resident ally/lady-fancier” of — a position he has held since 2011 – and a shameless fanboy of Metal Gear, pre-Homecoming Silent Hill, and Final Fantasy. He plays drums in a local post-rock band called “Between Two Skies,” and is currently working on a black comedy novella, “The Madcap Laughs.” He currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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