Glee Slushies Jonathan Coulton; Says He Should “Be Happy” 4


coulton2I already wrote about Glee‘s “cover” of Jonathan Coulton’s cover of Sir Mix A Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” and obviously they weren’t going to edit it out of this week’s episode at the last minute, but they didn’t credit him for the arrangement that they very clearly stole used.

Coulton is naturally upset that he received no credit, but it turns out that Glee‘s policy is not to credit covers of covers, so this isn’t unusual. (Makes me wonder how many other covers they’ve stolen used…) And apparently, Coulton was told he should be “happy for the exposure.” Which is odd, because he’s not getting credited for his arrangement of the song, so it’s as he puts it, “secret exposure.”

Unfortunately, Glee doesn’t seem legally obligated to credit or pay him for the arrangement that they stole used, but he’s still investigating legal avenues. If the show used his actual audio in their performances, he’d have a case. I’m dearly hoping that’s the case, because it seems unfair that they should be able to get away with stuff like this. And here I thought Glee was all about standing up for the underdogs. But I guess now they’re the jock bully lording it over the geek victim. Shame.

Glee Airs Performance Of Jonathan Coulton’s “Baby Got Back” [The Escapist]


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4 thoughts on “Glee Slushies Jonathan Coulton; Says He Should “Be Happy”

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    I can’t help but NOT CARE. Glee is usually awesome. The cover was bad. It was bad when Glee did it, and it was bad with this Jonathan Coulton dude did it.

    Jonathan Coulton SHOULD be happy for the exposure. I’ve personally never heard of him. And yes, I know he did the Portal songs. I didn’t know he had anything to do with them before today though. *yawn* Not giving him credit was the best thing Glee could have done for him, apparently.

    Waaah, Glee didn’t credit me when they did a bad cover of a bad cover I did of a really cheesy joke song about big butts! Boo freakin’ hoo. Cry me an effing river, man.

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      Seriously? Yeah, Jonathan Coulton is getting a lot of publicity over this… mostly from people who visit geeky sites on the Internet. Which is his demographic. In other words, most of the people who read this story already know who he is. It would have taken Fox almost no effort to just put his name in the credits, and then maybe he’d get some new listeners and everyone would have been happy.
      It doesn’t matter if you personally liked the song or not. It was a crappy thing to do. Coulton contacted them asking for credit and their official response was basically “lol we don’t have to and you can’t make us.” It’s childish.