God Of War: Ascension Demo Coming Next Month

Oh Kratos, you angry, angry man.  Having murdered his way across two generations of consoles — even bringing his fury to the world of handhelds — our favorite Spartan, and perhaps the world’s only sufferer of “ash-induced albinism” — finds his appetite for vengeance forever insatiable.  Thus, our tortured, yet intrepid bane of the Gods seeks to exact his wrath once more, in the form of God of War: Ascension.

As noted in a post on the PlayStation BlogAscension‘s multiplayer beta ends early next week.  Thus, the GoW team states that it will shift its focus toward the single-player campaign.  The fruits of their collective labor should arrive “late February,” in the for of a playable demo.  The post was rather scant on details, noting only the existence of said demo, and that gamers should keep themselves posted in the following weeks, during which more details of how one can lay waste to the creatures of Greek Mythology — it’s a bit like the story of Noah’s Ark, but with less drowning and more eye-gouging — before the game’s release on March 12th.

So for those looking forward to the continuing bloodsport that is God of War, check out the above trailer, and stay tuned for more news about Ascension!

(Writer) Jesse Gmitro is the self-proclaimed “resident ally/lady-fancier” of gaygamer.net — a position he has held since 2011 – and a shameless fanboy of Metal Gear, pre-Homecoming Silent Hill, and Final Fantasy. He plays drums in a local post-rock band called “Between Two Skies,” and is currently working on a black comedy novella, “The Madcap Laughs.” He currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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