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Costa Rica

As in Animal Crossing, coconuts grow best by the beach.

As in Animal Crossing, coconuts grow best by the beach.


Hey, I figure if Wootini can have his weekly Animal Crossing Diary (P.S. Dude is committed to that s—t…how many hundreds of them has he done? And I can’t even keep a real diary.)

Wait, where was I?

Oh yeah, I’m on vacation, and everywhere I look I see video games. So I figure if Wootini can keep an amazing-ass diary, then I can try to keep one for the few weeks I’m away from Canada’s frigid, horrendous winter. Seriously, I hate winter…and I get Canada’s wimpy, southernmost only-a-few-months-of-winter. I can’t imagine how real Canadians do it.

So I hauled ass to Costa Rica with my lovely husband, a laptop, a phone, and a 3DS in tow. The latter three have a whole pile of games installed on them.  I might be able to get away from winter, but I can’t seem to get away from gaming.  If you’re interested, take the jump for the rest of the article.  If not…well, I might weep as Achilles did for Patroklos on the Trojan strand, bitter tears and grey ashes commingling into rivers of darkest sorrow on his face. Or I’ll just get another papaya smoothie.  I’m on vacation.

Seriously, I travelled almost four thousand kilometers (that’s “a buttload of miles” for those of you still using that wacky old forty-rods-to-the-hogshead system) to what could easily be described as “Heaven’s antechamber”, and I still find myself thinking of video games. Video games. Have you seen Costa Rica?

Costa Rica

Why am I freaking playing video games here? No one else is. Everyone else is surfing. I’m not even kidding. Santa Teresa, on the westernmost edge of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, has more surfers than London has pubs – and I don’t mean per-capita. So what am I doing?

What. Am. I. Doing.

I’m sitting among the palm trees and thinking of Animal Crossing.

Who threw that in there?

Of course, it doesn’t help trying not to think of Animal Crossing when you plop yourself next to the ocean and the universe dumps a coconut and a rubber boot right next to you. And the night before, I dreamt that I was stuck in some underground office in London, and Boris the King of Zombies (the jerk who tortures you in the carnival in ZombiU) was driving around the hallways in some kind of Rob Zombie hot rod nightmare.

People may be debating whether video games make kids violent. I don’t buy that for a second, but they’ve definitely done something to my brain. And now that my brain is allowed to relax and unwind, it’s letting all kinds of crazy come flying out.

(Writer) is GayGamer.net’s resident Canadian and a life-long photographer. He likes to spend time in the woods, in the water, and in hammocks, and has read the Iliad in the original Greek.

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