Luigi’s Mansion Can Hold Multiple Players! 1


LuigiMansionmultiplWe’ve seen Luigi be able to handle things without any help (especially from his brother, Mario), but Nintendo revealed today that when Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon launches on March 24 for the 3DS, the green-clad plumber will have assistance with his ghostbusting because it will feature local and online multiplayer!

Join with up to four other players and enter the ScareScraper, a building chock full of spooky beasties. In Hunter Mode, each gamer controls a different color Luigi to hunt down ghosts and use teamwork to clear each floor of the tower before time runs out. The number of floors and difficulty settings can all be adjusted. According to the press release “additional systems and games may be required for multiplayer modes.” While obviously everyone needs to have their own 3DS, we’ll just have to wait and see if only one player needs to have the cartridge!

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