January 16

Nintendo Releases A 3DS With An Emblem… A Fire Emblem

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fireemblem3dsIf you’re a Fire Emblem fan, you’re probably looking forward to the February 4 launch of Fire Emblem Awakening. And I guess if you’re a really big Fire Emblem Fan, you could also spring for the special 3DS hadware bundle. The system comes emblazoned with some stylish Fire Emblem artwork, the game pre-installed, and a 4GB SD card. The whole package will run you $199.99, which is a pretty good deal. Especially if you’re such a humongous Fire Emblem fan that this game is the reason you’re going to buy a 3DS!


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  1. if this were an XL, despite already owning an XL, I would be sorely tempted to pick it up. being only a standard 3DS, I cannot see putting my hands through those corners again after being exposed to silkiness of the XL.

  2. avatar Lance says:

    It’s still a crappy heteronormative game.

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