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noninokuniAll the way back in August of last year, I decided to place a pre-order with Namco Bandai for the Ni No Kuni Wizard’s Edition. It was only available through them, and the more people who pre-ordered the collector’s edition, the more swag they were going to include in the box. So I did my part. Unfortunately, in this case, the early bird did not get the worm. [UPDATED 1/23]
The game was released today, and I hoped that it wouldn’t take too long to ship to me so I could get started playing it as soon as possible. But this morning, instead of a shipping confirmation, I received an E-mail from Namco Bandai explaining that my order could not be processed because my credit card couldn’t be authorized. I’m pretty sure this is because I got a new card in October with a new expiration date. But rather than E-mail me and ask me to update my credit card information so they could charge me the $120+, Namco Bandai simply informed me that my order had been canceled. And “due to the limited nature of this product, it is no longer available for purchase.”


So basically, because I was inspired to help out their “Ninostarter” and boost early pre-order sales for the game, I got screwed out of my Wizard’s Edition. I’m not entirely sure why I can’t just have that copy that should have been earmarked for me… who did that one end up going to, then? Thankfully for Namco Bandai, their online store help page didn’t have a phone number, or someone would have gotten an earful this morning. As it was, I could only shoot off an angry E-mail questioning their business decision to cancel rather than make the effort to fix the order. And I know a friend who just ordered the Wizard’s Edition last week, so if I had actually waited, I would’ve gotten one.


The moral of the story? When placing an order for something six months in advance, make sure to pay attention to your credit card expiration date. Also, be careful of ordering online from Namco Bandai because they don’t seem to be much into customer service and will just cancel your order. Now I’m trying to look on the bright side of buying a regular copy of Ni No Kuni in a store and being able to start playing it today. So please, nobody tell me how awesome the hardcover book or how beautiful the art prints are… that would just be salt in the wound.
UPDATE: Well, just over a day later, I received a reply to my E-mail with a customer service phone number and E-mail for Deep River. (I’d been told by a friend of mine that they’re not the best, and he wonders why companies still use them for distribution because they’re always screwing up orders) After giving my order number and name, I was told that yes, my order had been canceled and that there were no more available. After I inquired as to why they didn’t try to correct the billing error before simply canceling the order wholesale, I was told they don’t have that ability. I suggested that in future they might fix it so they do, but obviously the customer service minion I was talking with didn’t have that kind of influence (and honestly, it didn’t sound like he cared a whole lot). He did offer to sell me a Wizard’s Edition, through their special link only available over the phone, and asked for my credit card information, but I declined. I explained that because their initial E-mail had told me that there were none left, I went out and bought the regular version of the game at a store. So I wasn’t about to drop $120 on top of the $60 I’d already spent. I appreciate that they attempted to make things right, but if they hadn’t screwed things up in the first place, this wouldn’t even have been necessary. I admit that calling their customer service department was completely pointless, as I had no intention of having them clear up the issue and ordering a new Wizard’s Edition, but I just wanted to bitch at someone to get it off my chest. Even if the guy clearly couldn’t have cared less. I felt a little better.
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7 thoughts on “No Ni No Kuni For You

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    Seth (aka Karma)


    Sorry to hear about that experience you had with them; that’s really shitty of them!

    You should at least try to pick up the limited edition guide (comes with a free DLC special familiar!) I know that wont be sufficient for all that you won’t receive but, it could help right? :)

    I think once you start playing, you’ll forget about the special edition and just LOVE the game entirely, it’s phenomenal!!

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    UGH. My girlfriend and myself also ordered. I am hoping to get a shipping confirmation, but I am not holding my breath.

    We wanted to check if they had the right credit card number before the release. Her elderly father lost his card, and we had to get a new one last fall. I forgot when I pre-ordered, and wanted to make sure our card would be fine. Fair enough, right?

    All we got, were two emails explaining that “We can’t change that because we have limited quantities”. We did the math and figured out that it should be the right number anyways, but they won’t even confirm the number with us. And the last email we got was vague, and I couldn’t even make heads or tails of if they decided “Oh we’ll just cancel it” or not since we still haven’t gotten a shipment confirmation, or a failed order confirmation.

    I know I shouldn’t care so much, but seriously… And what utter CRAP that they were like “Oh we have a special one you can buy over the phone!” THEN WHY ARE YOU SAYING YOU HAVE NONE LEFT.

    We pre-ordered super early as well. I knew of Namco Bandai’s crap though, since they botched the Dark Souls release for others. If I could have, I would’ve pre-ordered the special one from Amazon or something, but it’s not there.

    It’s just crap to deal with stuff like this, because I’d like to enjoy the game without feeling ripped off and/or soured because I showed interest way early.

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    You know to be honest part of what strikes me as so odd about this is that there has never been (that i saw) an entry on Amazon. I usually shop with them because they offer shipping that will arrive with release day. Since it wouldn’t be hard to track pre-orders through gamestop and amazon because both are set up to provide that information to content providers. I hate how companies so often treat truly loyal customers like the author and these commenters so poorly.