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Sim City 2013

Sim City 2013 In a great little interview at Destructiod, the upcoming Sim City’s creative director and art director Ocean Quigley  (who also happens to have an amazing name) announced that the game will ship with filters to make it more playable for gamers with the three most common forms of colour-blindness.  The idea came about in part because one of the lead QA testers for the game is himself red-green colourblind.  From the interview:

“I made a little filter that made it so that I can see what he sees,” Ocean explained. “So I made a filter that emulates what it’s like to be red-green colorblind so that you can see the game as somebody who’s red-green colorblind, and you couldn’t make out a thing! The industrial zones and the residential zones, which are green and yellow, were one in the same.”

Sim City has always been a game that utilizes colours for more than pretty graphics, using them to convey vital information to players about both zoning and the health of their city.  These filters are a welcome addition in terms of increasing the accessibility of one of the industry’s oldest franchises.

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One thought on “Sim City To Feature Filters For Colourblind Players

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    Its good to see Devs that add a colorblind mode. Its confusing in some games where team colors are similar, so you end up shooting a team mate by accident, and shot by who you thought was your own team. Not that its an issue here but some games are hard to see play properly if your colorblind.