SNES Downton Abbey 3

I saw this over on Kotaku, and I had to mention it here in case you hadn’t seen it. I was a late comer to Downton Abbey, but let’s just say that I caught up quickly, almost obsessively quick.

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3 thoughts on “SNES Downton Abbey

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    My husband and I are almost caught up! We’re halfway through Season 2. We watched the first episode last Monday, so yea… pretty obsessive. I wish I knew what it was about this show that had me watching Master Piece Motherfucking Theater.

    I bet PBS wish they knew that too. Can you imagine how furious PBS must be? All of these years PBS has been relegated to Sesame Street for the kids, and Antiques Roadshow for the codgers, but then suddenly everyone is watching this. How do they ever top or build on that? Their must be endless hair-pulling meetings where all they do is shout: “WHY!? WHY DO YOU THEY SUDDENLY LIKE THIS!?”