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Take The Dance Central Fitness Challenge!


Last Friday, Harmonix posted their first Dance Central Fitness Challenge Friday of 2013, getting everyone's New Year's resolution to shape up in gear. The "Get Low" Challenge contains songs that give you a really good lower body workout to strengthen your legs and build a foundation upon which you can build some amazing dancing skills.

The blog post lists 26 songs spanning the games and their DLC, and all you have to do is make a custom playlist of 10 of your favorites (or the ones you actually have, since you may not own all of the DLC or the earlier games) and get to dancing. You can dance on Easy, Medium or Hard, but obviously Medium and Hard will give you the best workout. Do the whole playlist three times between the Friday they post the challenge and the following Friday when they post the next one.

Part of me wishes that they would just update the game with a playlist you could just do, because having to make your own is kind of tedious. But when I was making mine, I appreciated being able to pick and choose from the songs I like better, so I wouldn't mind dancing to them. (Also, I could pick some easier ones!) Although I would also prefer a Harmonix playlist because then they would know that you were playing it, and could reward you with medals or something. Right now, you're on the honor system, because they have no idea. They suggest you let them know when you've completed the challenge by posting on the Dance Central Facebook page or on the forums or tweeting @Dance_Central on Twitter with the #DC3Fit hashtag. (You'll notice there was no tweeting yet from me as I've only done it once so far!)

I really like this idea. It's a great way to keep the game different and unique and giving you a specific goal to work towards instead of just randomly dancing to songs or doing one of the pre-made fitness playlists. Variety is the spice of life! I'm going to try to remember to check the Dance Central site to get the list of songs for the new challenge every Friday... who else is with me?

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