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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

It's the dawn of a new year in Narnia, and there's already a lot going on, so there's no time to waste!


Geeze, I don't know what time Tortimer gets set up out in front of Town Hall, but he was already there with the countdown clock going in the afternoon on New Year's Eve. Shouldn't he have something more important to do than just hanging around all day? I'm just saying...


I was horrified when Octavian told me that he had to move, but relieved when I asked him not to go and he said that he would likely change his mind. Phew! Crisis averted! (I hope) He's my oldest remaining neighbor, you know. Everyone else is relatively new. I'd hate to lose that ol' crankpot!


At midnight, the clock reached zero and "Happy New Year" scrolled across the screen as fireworks lit up the sky. Oddly, nobody else was hanging around Town Hall. I mean, people were out, but they were just wandering aimlessly around Narnia. Why not get together and have a party? What's wrong with these people?


On New Year's Day, I had a bunch of letters from some of my friends and this one from my mom. Go Mom! That's the way to start the new year off right!


I also liked this letter from Del. It's good advice. The thing is, after all the holiday stress and drama, all I wanted to do on January 1 was sit around and do as little as possible! So what does that mean for 2013?


Of course the new year was all anybody could talk about that day. And as much as I like Simon, it's a bit rude to propose a toast and not offer someone a drink!


The countdown to the fireworks is the highlight of New Year's Eve, but the highlight of New Year's Day is getting the new exclusive T-shirt off the Mayor! It's a one-day-only deal! I'd hate to miss out!


I believe I read somewhere that this is the Year of the Snake, which is what I suppose is supposed to be on the front of this shirt. Even if it kind of looks more like it's the Year of the Sperm. Oh, and as always, it says 2013 on the back. Collect 'em all!


Later in the week, Benedict said he had to skip town. I asked him to stay, and he admitted he wasn't sure he would be able to get out of it, but he would ask. Who's forcing him to leave? The Mafia? Does Narnia have a Mafia? If they do, I'm sure Redd is a part of it.

Oh, and while it would be sad to lose Benedict, at least I'm pretty sure it means that Octavian isn't planning to move anymore!


I leave you this week with this lovely little piece of wisdom from Pascal. Sometimes he's ridiculous, but occasionally, he spouts off something beautiful and profound. This is one of those times.


Branovices said:

I never thought to play when on New Year... that little countdown clock is cool!

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