1UP, Gamespy, and UGO To Close Doors 1

1UP and Gamespy closing down by Ziff Davis

Today is a sad day for games journalism. First, the folks over at IGN were struck by a wave of layoffs, and shortly afterward, Joystiq reported that 1UP, Gamespy, and UGO would be shutting down. The websites were purchased last month by Ziff Davis Inc., so some consolidation and job loss was expected, but nothing of quite this magnitude.

An internal memo from Ziff Davis found by Polygon shows the company’s desire to “simplify and focus” their goals, putting their full strength behind IGN and AskMen instead of spreading out between multiple websites. The memo also states that no further staff reductions have been planned.

For many longtime fans of Gamespy and 1UP, today’s news is heartbreaking. Personally, 1UP was the website that got me interested in writing about video games, and I had always secretly harbored the wish of one day working under their banner. Until today.

We here at Gaygamer wish our brethren out on the street today all the best and encourage readers to share their thoughts/memories of 1UP and Gamespy in the comments below.

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