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SWP_Boba_Fett_table_screenshot002Zen Studios has announced that Star Wars Pinball will be available for download on a variety of digital platforms later this month. Developed in partnership with LucasArts, Star Wars Pinball will feature an intitial three-table pack themed around The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett and The Clone Wars. (They’re calling them “fan favorites,” but I don’t know if that really applies to The Clone Wars…)

Each table features interactive 3D characters and unique gameplay. There will also be global leaderboards, friend challenges and online multiplayer. “It’s been over 30 years since Star Wars, videogames, and solid state pinball all burst onto the entertainment scene, and their popularity endures today. We’re excited to be combining all three for the very first time,” said Neil Sorens, Zen Studios’ Creative Director. “Our designers are huge Star Wars fans, and you can expect every detail in every table to reflect their passion for the Star Wars universe.”

Star Wars Pinball will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play as well as downloadable content for Pinball FX2 on Xbox LIVE Arcade, Zen Pinball 2 on PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 and Vita, Zen Pinball 2 on the Mac App Store and Zen Pinball on the Apple App Store and Google Play. These guys know pinball, so if you’re a fan of videogame pinball and Star Wars, you’re probably going to want to check this out!

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