Hyrule Historia At The Top Of Best-Seller Lists



A little while back, Wootini covered the New York launch of The Legend of Zelda:  Hyrule Historia, the handsome hardcover that details the rather intricate history of the eponymous land of Hyrule wherein the Legend of Zelda games take place (mostly…).  A few weeks later, the Historia has landed itself at the top of the New York Timesbest seller list.  That’s got to have both Nintendo and Dark Horse Comics, the book’s publisher, pretty happy.  Having sold over 400 000 copies, it’s also found itself at the top of the Nielsen BookScan and the Wall Street Journal’s best-seller list, which, all in all, makes it the best-selling book in America.

Check out Wootini’s review of The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia right here.

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