Nintendo Brings Wii U Bundle With Third-Party Game to North America

Wii U + ZombiU

Wii U + ZombiU

I will admit that when the Wii U launched, the most interesting-sounding option was the Euro-exclusive ZombiU bundle.  Not only was it a game that looked really promising (and, as it turns out, lived up to my hopes), but this was also a Nintendo system launching with a third-party title in the box.  Colour me intrigued.

Now, in a rather interesting move, Nintendo is bringing its third-party ZombiU bundle to North America in (frankly) an even juicier package:   It’s the 32 GB Deluxe Set with Nintendo Land, plus ZombiU, plus a Pro controller, for an extra $40.

Perhaps even more interesting than that, however, is the fact that Nintendo has announced this bundle, showing a great deal of confidence in ZombiU, published by Ubisoft, shortly after Ubisoft delayed the release of the completely finished, putatively Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends in order to release it at the same time as its now-in-development Xbox 360 and PS3 ports.  Many Rayman fans are construing the delay as Ubisoft artlessly throwing shade all over them and Nintendo (full disclosure:  I haven’t given the unfolding drama much thought, but I agree with those saying it sounds like a silly corporate decision that’s pretty disrespectful to the development staff who worked hard to get the game ready for a February launch, and it must be disappointing for series fans).

Regardless, I don’t know what the behind-the-scenes looks like between Ubisoft and Nintendo right now, but I sure wouldn’t mind getting a bag of popcorn and watching it go down.

The deluxe ZombiU bundle hits stores across North America on February 17th.

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