Original Dead Space Writer Calls Dead Space 3’s Genre Shift “Necessary Evil”

Guns, guns, guns

Guns, guns, gunsDead Space 3 has been out for about a week now, and has been getting rather mixed reviews from critics and fans.  Some love it, some like it, some are pretty disappointed.  While the inclusion of microtransactions has fostered much apprehension about the game, it’s the shift – or perhaps drift is a better word – from survival horror to action that’s causing the most consternation.

Now Antony Johnston, one of the writers of the first Dead Space who recently helped script ZombiU, is calling the shift a “necessary evil in order to broaden the fanbase” of the series, part of a “balancing act” on behalf of the series’ shepherds:

“I know the developers always wanted to go bigger, in terms of scope. And I’ve mentioned before that the universe we created was huge, with lots of elements, which simply didn’t make it into the first game.

“So to get that story told, to round out the universe, it was inevitable the settings and environments would open out a bit, become a bit more epic in scale.”

Johnston then added that “otherwise you’d just have the same game on a different ship each time, and that’s pretty dull.”

So it would seem that the Dead Space franchise is facing the same conundrum that Capcom addressed with Resident Evil 4 (a franchise that had been tasting pretty stale before its reinvention on the GameCube):  How do you keep the scares, keep the fans, get new fans, and please your shareholders?  A tough balance to pull off, indeed.

What are you guys thinking about Dead Space 3?  Please sound off below.

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