Shipping Delay Holds Back Full Fire Emblem: Awakening Release

Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Oooo, got a permit for those guns?

Wondering what that disturbance in The Force was this morning, like a million gamers crying out in vain impotence and storming off to the internet? Fire Emblem: Awakening has been delayed.

Yes. A game that was supposed to come out today has been delayed.

Game Informer reported just a little bit ago that manufacturing problems have led to a delay in getting the game out to retailers., Best Buy, and Gamestop are all reporting a lack of the game in their warehouses, meaning there will be a lack of the game in your hands (caressed gently throughout the night).

Fortunately, the delay should only last a few days, but it is extremely frustrating for anyone itching to get their hands on the newest strategy RPG from Intelligent Systems (or just any legitimate paying customer who expects a product to ship on time. If you’ve already pre-ordered the game or were looking to pick up a copy in the next few days, I would suggest calling ahead to see if they have stock.

Interestingly, the 3DS download version from the digital store went up without a hitch, and the only store in the New York area I was able to find with copies was the Nintendo World Store. Conspiracy, perhaps?

Lol, no, I’m just kidding. Definitely just a logistics screw up, not a conspiracy. Expect a Gaygamer review of Fire Emblem: Awakening in the coming weeks.

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