SimCity Closed Beta Coming Soon 2

SimCity beta session? Yes please.

Good news, everyone! SimCity just revealed a second closed beta session via their blog for Saturday, February 16th and Sunday, February 17th. Anyone who would like a chance at getting inside the event can do so by going here and following the directions.

Applications will be taken until Monday, February 11th, and if you’ve already signed up for their first beta event, then you’re already good to go for this one. The beta format consists of a tutorial session and then an hour of playtime with various options immediately available. Not a ton of stuff, but enough to whet your appetite and put some load on the game server side.

Community Manager Michael Donahoe says that the purpose of this second beta is for more server testing, and since SimCity features so many online interactions and requires an internet connection, that seems pretty important. (Guess Maxis doesn’t want the fire Blizzard took last spring when they released Diablo 3 to immediate system crashes, but then again, who would?)

The full version of SimCity comes to the PC on March 5. Eventually, Mac players will be able to start planning their cities, but no concrete day has been given for that version.

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2 thoughts on “SimCity Closed Beta Coming Soon

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    Wanted to like this…
    I just don’t do EA services anymore. Support is horrifying. Lost money from SimCity Social.
    Also, did you hear about this? EA was very sketchy at launch of SimCity Social, basically ‘teasing’ players with content that had to be purchased with real $, and then as soon as you purchase the real $ your account got flagged and -all the advertisements for the cool content disappeared and you could no longer buy it-. Yes, they actually advertised content, sold you currency to buy it, and then literally flagged your account to no longer have access to the content you wanted to buy.
    Nevermind the bugs. Oh help me the bugs.
    The online connectivity is part of the ‘service’ where you’re not going to do as well as others who ‘add lots of friends’ aka your usual Facebook games. And when you start losing resources good luck with Origin’s support services. Just remember, if you get glitched or bugged there’s a good chance your game will be bricked.
    Buyer beware, you’ve been warned…