February 19

Three Adorable Boys Teach Us How To Speak INTERNET

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Youtuber Dan Howell and his buddies Jack and Finn have teamed up to explain internet colloquialisms. They cover everything from your standard ‘lol’ to more complicated and loaded terms like ‘fap’, ‘feels’, and ‘burma’.

So now when I refer to Garrus and Kaidan as my OTP, people will know what I’m talking about.

Thanks Dan! BURMA.


About Sal Mattos

(Managing Editor and Writer) Sal lives in the beautiful city of San Francisco where he splits his time between playing games, watching copious amounts of television, and occasionally going outside. He has written for GayGamer and Gamezone. He studied creative writing and theatre at SFSU, and when not gaming can most likely be found on stage somewhere. You can keep up with him on twitter @salmattos

5 Responses

  1. avatar KC says:

    There’s also a cute video where they learn gay slang.

  2. avatar rodger says:

    what exactly does this have to do with gay gaming..? is this really blogworthy?

  3. avatar Silver Phoenix says:

    Half the shit on this site isn’t blogworthy.

  4. avatar Keith says:

    Good god, they are annoying. Couldn’t get past the first 20 seconds.

  5. avatar Daniel K says:

    Well, I’m gonna go ahead and disagree with the other commenters on all counts. They’re simply too adorable– definitely too much for one video. Thanks for sharing!


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