Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary



Dear Diary,

Well, it would seem that my friends are getting really greedy these days. I’m not sure how I feel about it…


So remember last week how Simon wanted a mammoth torso, but I wasn’t even finding any fossils, let alone that specific one? Well, as always, he gave up on it and changed his mind. Which is good, because I wasn’t likely to dig it up anyway. But not good because I want to keep Simon happy so he won’t move away.


I was just walking by and saw the Mayor standing around loitering in front of City Hall and I was like “What’s he doing outside?” I totally forgot that they celebrate Groundhog Day with the giving of presents. Of course, it’s just another Resetti Model, which I already have multiples of. So I decided to just sell it, and wouldn’t you know, it’s a crazy rare item, and Nook only offers 600 bells for the thing! Typical.


Since I blew it with the fossil hunting for Simon (through no fault of my own, really — he was just too picky), when he asked me to deliver a present to Benedict, I quickly agreed.


The gift turned out to be a red grid shirt, and I have to agree with Benedict that it’s not exactly his style. I mean, he looks kind of ridiculous in it. But bless his heart, he wore it. And continued to wear it. Even though it’s a crime against fashion. Hope he doesn’t get arrested!


Hilariously, as I exited Benedict’s house, I saw Simon standing right around the corner like he was peeking in the window or something. He asked me how the gift went over, and I told him it was kind of “meh.” Of course, if he was peeking in the window, you’d think he’d already have seen how it went over!


Of course, later in the week, I swung into Simon’s place to say hello, and he’s still on this fossil kick. Unfortunately, he’s still being very specific. I still can’t bring myself to just say no right off the bat, so I again agreed to give it a shot and see what I could find for him.


I was thrilled when I actually did dig up a fossil amongst all of the gyroids, but wouldn’t you know it, when I bring it in to be identified, it turns out to be an iguanodon tail. I still tried offering it to Simon, but he insisted he really wanted a torso. Not a tail. Of all the luck…


We got Snake’s replacement later on in the week, and Mac seems like a pretty cool, laid back dude. I like his Hawaiian shirt, and his beachy house. We’ll see what happens. He could turn out to be a snooze. Or he could just move away next week on a whim. They seem to do that, you know…


I was kind of thrown to walk out of my house and see Pete hanging around nearby. Not waiting outside with a present from Nintendo, just hanging around. He may not have a gift for me, but he’s still got that crush on Phyllis!


I think if Nook asks again, I’m just going to let him keep Nookington’s for a while. It’s kind of fun to make him close down and remodel over and over again, but when he closes down is when I seem to find my pockets overloaded with stuff I really need to sell. Plus, Nookington’s just looks fancy. I like it.


And naturally, by the end of the week, Simon had changed his mind about the fossil he wanted. I felt bad I couldn’t help him out, but at the same time, it wasn’t likely I was ever going to find it. If only he’d just be happy with any generic fossil. Or maybe not ask me for things like this at all. I don’t like the idea that I keep letting him down. Maybe I should send him that iguanodon tail I dug up in the mail as a present just to see if it’ll keep him happy. Because if he ends up moving away over this, I’m gonna be so pissed!


(Writer) I love Animal Crossing, music games (even though I can’t sing or play instruments) and adventure games. And the occasional 40+ hr JRPG when I can find the time! I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, Frank.

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