Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


RUU_1830Dear Diary,

This was kind of a big week in Narnia. There were three major holidays! Well, two major holidays and my birthday — which is kind of a major holiday to me! Plus a couple people tried to move away! So there’s lots to cover! Brace yourself!


Pekoe decided at the beginning of the week that she was thinking about moving. I asked her not to, since she only just got here, really, and she seemed genuinely touched by my interest in keeping her around. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I honestly didn’t care that much about her as much as I was just sick of people moving into Narnia and then moving away a week later. I don’t want us to get a bad rep!


I was confused when I came out of my house and saw confetti raining from the sky. I don’t know why I always seem to forget about Festivalé, but every year, I totally do. I think it’s because it’s kind of a lame holiday as holidays go. Although Simon seemed really into it. Not that I actually saw him singing at the top of his lungs, dancing like a doofus and running around yelling “Woooo!” but I assume that he did it when no one was looking. Oh, and also, I thought maybe the confetti would have the same properties as rain or snow that water all the flowers when it falls from the sky. Nope. It’s not magic confetti. The next day, I had a ton of holes in all my flower beds where a bunch of them died off. :-(


I mean, Pavé is pretty fabulous, and the whole thing with the rainbow glitter is kind of gay and awesome. But the whole procedure of getting him the pieces of candy that he wants in the specific color he’s asking for is such a pain in the ass. Honestly, it’s almost easier to horde the candy from the days leading up to Halloween and skip that to use them here. The games that you have to play with everyone else are just tedious and annoying. Which is why I think I only have a couple pieces of the Pavé furniture set. (And it’s not even that nice of a set that I want to go through the effort to collect all the rest of the pieces!) I get the feeling that this is the reason why I forget that Festivalé comes in February. I block it from my memory. I wonder if they’ll have it in the new town I move to. (Which will be in June, by the way. That’s when I’ll say good-bye to Narnia! Oh, I miss everyone already!)


I can’t even tell you how chuffed I was to come out of my house on my birthday and find Simon standing there to present me with my present (another delicious birthday cake). It’s always your best friend in town who gives you your birthday greeting, so I’m thrilled that Simon is my Narnia BFF! And of course, my mailbox was stuffed full of birthday cards from my friends. Here are some of my favorites:




Don’t worry about it Benedict… I’ve got it under control. *BURP*


Of course, Mom had a little birthday sentiment of her own. With 5,000 bells included as a lovely present.

I still cry and drool, but in my own lap now. I’m a grownup!


Luckily, my birthday notice on the town message board didn’t include my age!


Then a couple days later, it was Valentine’s Day. Nobody was standing outside with a Valentine’s message or gift, and when I checked my mailbox, I had only this! You gotta admire her spunk, though. It is pretty hilarious.


Well, I guess this means that Pekoe changed her mind about leaving, since nobody ever leaves in pairs. Of course, it just means that I have to talk Margie out of it, too. She’s a celebrity, remember? She starred in the Animal Crossing movie. Narnia can’t lose its only celebrity resident! It’s not fair! Although she seemed to say the same things that Pekoe did, I somehow came away with the impression that I may not have actually convinced her to change her mind. She may have just been telling me what I wanted to hear…

RUU_1832One of the last things I did this week was deliver a present to Benedict from Del. Benny didn’t seem all that thrilled by the bold check shirt, but when I reported back to Del, I told him he loved it. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right? Although I did think it slightly strange that when Del asked me to deliver the gift from him, he said it was because he couldn’t be seen giving presents because the girls would all get jealous. Because he’s giving a gift to another guy? Hm….

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