Double Fine Joins With Capy Games Bearing Discounted Gifts 2

Double Capy Bundle

If you’re one of the millions of video game players like me who has never tried out Double Fine Production’s Psychonauts, you’ll soon have even less of an excuse to put it off. Double Fine announced today that not only are they sharing a booth space at PAX East with Capy Games, but they’re also smashing some of their best titles together into one big, giant, really ridiculously awesome steam bundle.

Alongside Psychonauts, the other six games in the bundle include Brutal Legend, Costume Quest, Stacking, Critter Crunch, Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes, and Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP. All those games your more indie aligned friends have been talking about for years for the price of $34.99.

I know. My wallet suddenly got lighter, too.

The bundle will only be available from March 21st to March 29th, so make sure to snag it while you can. And if you’re heading out to PAX East, keep an eye out for the Double Fine/Capy booth. They’ll be selling a special boxed version of the bundle and a convention-exclusive shirt commemorating the super team-up. Their booth will be the one surrounded by the starstruck nerds wearing video game t-shirts and jorts. You can’t miss it.

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