Father Hacks Donkey Kong For His Daughter 2

I used to think that I would never want kids. Why would I want the responsibility of keeping alive and training a little blob who’s completely reliant on me to put aside my life and devote years to their existence? And you can’t even battle them against other parents kids, which Pokemon has taught me is the main reason you have pets.

But stories like this have a way of changing my mind. See, there’s this guy, Mike Mika. He’s got a little girl that likes to play games with her father. She’s only three and not very good at them yet, but she plugs away anyway. One of her favorites is the arcade classic Donkey Kong, but she doesn’t understand why she can’t play as Pauline and save Mario from the gorilla.

Not one to let his kid go disappointed, Mika, a programmer and chief creative officer at Other Ocean Interactive, got to work rewriting the game with a reversed protagonist. The result was one happy little girl and one of the simplest, yet coolest mods to a classic title that we’ve seen in years.

Naturally, the dedicated misogynist jerks of the internet took it upon themselves to trash the mod and call the girl all sorts of offensive names, but let’s forget all that junk for once. Instead, let us focus on what is perhaps the most lovey, saccharine story we’ll get this year.

In case you’re wondering, no, Mika hasn’t released the mod and has no plans to do so. But I’d imagine someone is already hard at work recreating the simple character swap and putting it up as a download if those interested.

[story via Wired]

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