Feminist Frequency Releases First Video For Kickstarter Project 2

It finally happened. The most infamous video game related Kickstarter ever, Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, finally delivered. The first video in the series went up yesterday and can be seen above. I highly recommend it.

But not everyone was as happy as I to see this project finally come to life. The folks over at Gameranx have put together a brief look at some of the hateful, ignorant, misogynistic, and utterly baffling comments left across various outlets reporting on the video. It gets pretty intense, just as one might expect after the death and rape threats Anita Sarkeesian (the project creator) received shortly after the project was conceived.

Yet still others have criticized this first video as not going far enough in depth, being too similar to her other work despite her funding success, and retreading familiar ground/not advancing new opinions or ideas.

That’s the point, though. Yes, it may seem like she’s going over a lot of well-worn territory and explaining for anyone who’s spent a bit of time with their eyes and ears open to feminism ideas, but not a lot of people have. To many people, these are new concepts. Yeah, they might know that Mario was at one time Jumpman trying to save Pauline from an obvious King Kong stand-in and roll their eyes at the worn-out idea of saving the fair maiden from the clutches of evil, but the implications and pervasive infections into how we think about women in our everyday lives is something that they probably missed before.

These videos are for the laymen, the nonacademic people that this message most urgently needs to reach. Professors can argue about the merits versus inadequacies of certain policy changes until they’re blue in the face. This is the kind of easy to understand, down to Earth discussion that we as a community so desperately need to have.

Expect another video every week for the next couple months.

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2 thoughts on “Feminist Frequency Releases First Video For Kickstarter Project

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    I was thinking about her Kickstarter project a couple of weeks ago and wondering when she was finally gonna deliver. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and I’m glad her video is finally here. I can’t wait until the next one!

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    Daniel K

    A fairly well-done video, though I think she should’ve put the part about “I’ve loved these games since I was a child!” bit at the beginning, to help defuse any criticisms suggesting she’s a gaming outsider.

    But yeah, I think I’ll avoid reading the comments curated at Gameranx, or watching it on Youtube and seeing the sorts of comments posted there. It might make me weep for humanity.