March 18

Gamers Against Bigotry Wants People To Think About Their Speech

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Gamers Against Bigotry wants to make the cultural landscape of video games a little less harsh.  Anyone who’s ever played online knows what they mean – not only those puerile, obnoxious blowhards who form the collective voice of bigotry in gaming, but also the legion smaller, thoughtless comments that remind people that the oppressive mores of majority culture are as entrenched online as they are in the real world.

While not opposed to the salty language and posturing that are so much a part of that culture, the group is asking players to think about what they say and pledge to drop slurs based on sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and disability:

Bigotry isn’t part of gaming culture, and it never has been; it’s just unfounded hatred, masked by anonymity.  It’s something we need to put an end to.

It’s hard to argue with that analysis.

But rather than just being another slacktivist pledge form, the group aims to get people to put their money where their mouth is by using their real names on the pledge – no handles, no nicknames – by seeking partner organizations, and by encouraging signers-on to volunteer their creative talent and know-how to go about putting together forums and groups to further the cause.

You can sign and learn more right here.  Of course, they’re down with the Facebook and Twitter, too.

[via: Destructoid]


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  1. Thanks for writing this, Jamie! I appreciate it. I particularly enjoy the language in the second-to-last paragraph. You nailed it. (read the comments on the destructoid article?)

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