Kaidan Alenko’s Openly Gay Face Model Luciano Costa Dressed As Kaidan! 12


Thank you, internet.

Meet Luciano Costa, better known to fans of the Mass Effect series as Kaidan Alenko. Well, at least as his face model. I have to say I always found Kaidan attractive in-game but seeing the real person whom he’s based on….well, virtual boy doesn’t hold a candle to the original!

As an added bonus, this gay fantasy man is actually gay! When not being referenced for BioWare’s space opera, Luciano spends his time operating the SoCal Social Club: a Los Angeles based social outings and networking club that serves the LGBTQ community. A face like that and an active member of the community; what’s not to love? You can learn more about the SoCal Social Club at their official website or by liking them on facebook.

And for more on Luciano, you can check out his newly created tumblr where he posted a picture of himself dressed as Kaidan that sent the entire Mass Effect tumblr fandom into a frenzy.


Who do you think wears the armor better? Luciano or his in-game doppelganger Kaidan? Sound off in the comments! Plus, some bonus shots of Luciano after the cut!



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12 thoughts on “Kaidan Alenko’s Openly Gay Face Model Luciano Costa Dressed As Kaidan!

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    Frank F.

    Oh. My. And he’s gay. I need to take the day off from life and process this.

    So, who’s working on photoshopping both Shepard and Kaidan models together?

    I can’t even imagine how amazing it’d be if both models posed together for fans!

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    I always suspected that, like Shepard, Kaidan had a face model, but a cursory internet search never turned up anything.
    I certainly hope Luciano doesn’t make that creepy evil face that Kaidan makes when he’s feeling frisky though.

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    “So, who’s working on photoshopping both Shepard and Kaidan models together? ”

    LOL, tumblr is already way ahead of you. If you search “MShenko” or “MShep/Kaidan” on tumblr search you should find some.

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    Oh holy hell! So sexy! Now if he had Kaiden’s voice actors voice(or not depending on what his real voice sounds like of course) he’d be perfect <3

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    So its official. Both Commander Shepherd and Kaidan are gay and hot in my Mass Effect universe AND in real life. How great is that?! Commander Shepherd is even from my home town, so I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him perform live. Much love for everything Bioware that comes out of their original Edmonton location.

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    Really…REALLY?! Possibly the hottest character in a videogame is a real person?! (dies)

    Why is this guy not part of my life?! I sincerely blame videogames like Mass Effect 3 for creating an impossibly high bar for men in my life ¬_¬

    I will say though, he is very hot, and in the gear as well…I think I may need a moment…

    Love that Bioware use real people for their characters…not just to hunt down Commander Shepard and make these 2 act out some steamy hot scenes…

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    haha, well this place will be ground zero for finding suspects if Mark Vanderloo and Mr. Costa ever mysteriously go missing within a few days of each other, and live action mShenko porn starts appearing on the black market with them looking like they’ve been abducted and terrorized into performing :-P (Incidentally, if that ever happens, I’d totally purchase it.)