LoZ Hack Lets Zelda Finally Have The Game To Herself

Remember a week ago when a father hacked Donkey Kong to switch the places of Mario and Pauline for his daughter when she wanted to play as the girl? Well naturally, this act (and the first Tropes vs. Women in Games video) inspired other people to go out and swap a few heroes for damsels.

A hack for the original Legend of Zelda gives the titular character a chance to protect the world of Hyrule from the villainous Gannon and rescue the fair…dude, Link. Anyone interested in grabbing the swap patch can find information in the video.

And in the craziest turn of events, the character replacement has zero effect on how fun the game is! Who would have thought that an adventure game starring a woman could be so dynamic and interesting? (sarcasm)

Oh, and the creator of this hack has also put together a neat little page describing exactly how she did the work. It doesn’t look very difficult to swap out a few character frames. Maybe some dedicated gaygamers could put together a project of their own, eh?

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