Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

I gotta say, I do appreciate a nice, drama-free week in Narnia once in a while. That’s not to say that nothing happened. Far from it! I was a busy little beaver! (Let’s just say people were kind of needy…)


So to prove that she wasn’t, Tangy asked me to find a fossil. Any fossil at all, really. Just so long as it’s old. Older than her, I guess. But because she wasn’t too particular, I knew I’d be able to help her show Pekoe what for.


Along the way, I also helped find Benedict’s key for him. It took a little doing, but since I was already wandering around town looking for fossils (which are kind of harder to spot without the snow), I figured why not help the guy out. And now he doesn’t have to live on the streets. Not that Narnia actually has any streets, but you know what I mean.


I guess Pekoe’s comment really got to Tangy, because she got like, weirdly emotional when I gave her the fossil. It was a little weird. Calm down. You have a shovel of your own, so it’s not like you couldn’t have just dug one up yourself. Oh, wait, they never do that. It’s always down to me. Ah well, I guess it’s okay. I wanted to make the new girl feel welcome.


Alex asked me to deliver a present to Margie, and although her expression in this picture would seem to indicate she hated the gift, she was actually okay with it. Enough to go ahead and put it on, but I still felt like I was stretching the truth when I told Axel that she loved it…


Okay, that’s a cute story. But then why did she include a cherry with this letter?


Gloria was feeling like the fish fashionistas (who knew there were such people?) were looking down on her because she didn’t have a trendy fish like a carp. Those things aren’t trendy. They’re super common. It was literally the second fish I pulled out of the river. But she seemed thrilled with it, so whatever. I would’ve thought a rainbow trout would be more fabulous, but if a dark gray carp is what does it for you? Enjoy.


Can I just say that I’m glad I was the seeker and not the hider? I don’t ever want to play hide and seek with Octavian and have him hunt me…


Poor Simon locked himself out of his house too, this week. Guess there was something going around. Anyway, since Simon is totally awesome and my BFF, I had to give it a shot. And it’s like fate or something, because the first fishing attempt I made pulled up his key! Score! Love when it doesn’t take too long! Not that they’re not worth the effort… but some of them aren’t. Simon totally is! Don’t get me wrong! But some of these people? If I can’t find it after a while, I just give up and hope they can call a locksmith or break a window or something. Or here’s a thought, maybe dig up your own damn fossil or fish out your own damn key? Lazy animals…

(Writer) I love Animal Crossing, music games (even though I can’t sing or play instruments) and adventure games. And the occasional 40+ hr JRPG when I can find the time! I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, Frank.

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