PAX East ’13: Max: The Curse Of Brotherhood 2


Press Play is calling Max: The Curse Of Brotherhood more of a reboot than a sequel to 2010’s Max & The Magic Marker. And while that first game made the rounds on various platforms, this one is an Xbox LIVE exclusive, due out in late spring.

Max is annoyed at his brother and wishes he would go away, but when his brother is subsequently abducted into another dimension by monsters, Max quickly realizes he must get his brother back before something terrible happens to him. And thus, his adventure begins!

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Studio director Mikkel Thorsted told me that they were inspired by adventure movies of the ’80s and are calling it a “cinematic platformer.” There will be seven different worlds of varying settings, and the marker’s powers will be elemental, using earth, fire, water and such. Plus, because this time around they’re dealing with Microsoft instead of Nintendo, the game can be a bit darker and edgier.

Of course, now that you’re not dealing with a touch screen like on the DS or a Wii remote controller, they’ve had to make some concessions as you draw with an Xbox controller. There’s not so much free drawing anymore as there will be visual hints as to where to draw. Having to use the trigger to activate the marker is a little awkward, but by the end of the demo, it wasn’t too bad.

Thankfully, there are liberal checkpoints and no limit to lives as you work your way through the level. Because some of the vine swinging in the giant tree-set demo gave me some trouble. It’s hard enough just timing your jumps correctly, but here you have to draw the vine yourself, first! (Helpful hint: Draw the vine horizontally instead of vertically so it starts of swinging — it’s easier to grab!)

Being on the Xbox 360, the graphics look fantastic, and I really enjoyed the puzzle aspects to the platforming as you try to deduce where to place vines and platforms in order to work your way around obstacles. Of course, having the visual hints as to where to draw helps keep you from getting stuck too much. In the full game, that might end up making it too easy, but even in the demo, just knowing what to draw and where didn’t necessarily help make the platforming any easier!


But Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is shaping up to be a really polished puzzle platformer and I’m really looking forward to checking it out when it releases this spring on Xbox LIVE!

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