Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Look, there’s no time for pleasantries. There’s a lot to get to this week, so let’s just do this thing!


I love Simon. I really do. But the boy has no fashion sense. I mean, if I’d gotten that shirt from anyone — even my own mother — I would’ve smiled and said thank you, but then stuck it in the bottom of a drawer to be forgotten about completely. I certainly wouldn’t have put it on to wear around town! Oh, Simon…


The cherry blossoms started falling for a few days this week, but sadly, while it looks beautiful in motion as you walk around, taking a still photo of it just doesn’t to it justice. This was the best I could do. Trust me, it looks much better in person!


I was a little surprised that Mac had suddenly decided to skip town after only being here a little while. And he’d already made his mind up and wouldn’t let me change it even a little. Didn’t even give me the option to try. So I’ll be sad to see him go (he reminded me of Butch, who was one of my favorite pals from a town I used to live in), I can’t get too emotionally invested. I mean, in a couple months, I’ll be moving out myself! So I can’t really hold it against them!


Wait. Is Chinese food still from China?


Look, I’m all for playing a rousing game of hide-and-seek, but Axel seriously looked like a crazy person here. Like if I didn’t agree to play the game, he would have thrown me in the river! Crazy eyes!


Actually, hide-and-do-nothing sounds like a lot of fun. I could use a rest!


I checked in on Mac later in the week to see if he was still serious about moving, and yeah, sure enough, he was. All his stuff was packed. But there was still time for him to be inappropriately forward with me. Dirty dawg!


Although I have to say I take issue with his reasons for moving. You want ‘tude? Oh, I’ll give you ‘tude!


I’m not really sure how me catching a surgeonfish is going to help Dotty become a mermaid, but since I like her I thought I should try and help. I mean, I had no idea what kind of fish that was, but I looked it up and was like, “Oh, it’s Dory. Okay.” And it turned out to be crazy easy to catch! Lucky me!


That’s nice, Dotty. Glad you’re super-grateful. Now I want to see you with fins.

(Writer) I love Animal Crossing, music games (even though I can’t sing or play instruments) and adventure games. And the occasional 40+ hr JRPG when I can find the time! I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, Frank.

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