Pokémon’s Barry And Trip Got Married! 3


Congratulations to Jamie McGonnigal and new husband Sean Carlson, who tied the knot last Saturday, May 18, on the shores of Cape Cod. McGonnigal is a voice actor who is best known to Pokémon fans as the voices of Barry and Trip in the US dubs of the cartoon, among other voices. He is also the founder of TalkAboutEquality, a civil rights organization working to improve the lives of LGBTQ people in the United States. (If you follow the link, you can read more details about the ceremony including the vows, and see more pictures)

Looking forward to the day when Pokémon and gay gamers alike can get married in every state of the nation. (Though obviously not to each other, because that would be weird!) That’s McGonnigal on the right in the photo, with his husband on the left. Congratulations from all of us here at the GayGamer Castle!


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3 thoughts on “Pokémon’s Barry And Trip Got Married!

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    At first I thought the header meant the characters got married and I was like “aren’t they a little too young to be getting married”.

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    Wow that was really weird seeing this on the front page, I’ve met Jamie a few times through other people. Never knew he was a voice actor! :)